Friday, December 9, 2011

Hunger Games Research Topic Writing!

My writing topic is about force fields and how they can connect to the Hunger Games and the outside world. Force fields are kinda like traps or prisons they keep you stuck inside away from everyone else. In the Hunger Games even though there isn't an actual one keeping everyone inside the Capitol can be kind of like a force field. The Capitol doesn't let anyone in the districts have their freedoms that they deserve. They have to fight for their survival inside the metaphorical cage the Capitol has put them in. The Capitol is the 12 districts invisible wall (University of Oxford. "Force Field." Http:// that keeps them where the Capitol wants them to be.

Another connection to the outside world with force fields can be Dictators that have complete rule which is exactly like the Hunger Games. Dictators can have a hold on everyone with an imaginary force field even though it isn't real it still keeps you doing what they tell you to do without having a choice or opinion about it. It kind of relates to the outside world like North Korea. They are forced to stay inside and are cut off  from the outside world.

A force field is like a prison and a prison is technically what the 12 Districts are in because of the Capitols actions. Force fields have many different connections to the outside world and the Hunger Games. Force fields keep you trapped inside away from everyone else,limit you to what you can do, and they pin you in one area without hope of escaping. The Capitol in a way is just like a force field they keep all the districts inside and keep them all at an inhabitable way of living("Force Field." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

A force field can also connect with the world by war. If one side finds an enemy and captures them they are a prisoner of war and are limited with their freedoms or their movement and are restricted to a certain space("Force Field." That's just another way a force field works and connects with what the Capitol is doing but instead for a certain period of time like in war the Capitol is doing it forever. There are many different ways the world and the hunger games can relate to force fields or the subject of being trapped. Force fields can have many different meanings or uses. The Capitol mainly uses a imaginary force field to rule over all the districts because they have the power to. They force the districts to do what they want for example the hunger games is the main one and that's pretty much like slavery but to the capitol its a big fun event but in the eyes of other its horrific.

Force fields have many more connections but those are some of the main connections they have to the outside world and the Hunger Games. I see force fields as more of a concept of imprisonment than the actual dome like structure.  All in all the Capitol is in a way a big imaginary force field to the districts and anyone who opposes them.


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  1. I thought it was interesting because i didnt think of the metaphorical side

  2. I really like how you said the capitol made a metaphorical forcefield around the tributes. This is the best one i have seen so far